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Caring Hands Worldwide was incorporated as an Oregon Public Benefit Non-Profit Corporation by founders Dr. Cedric Ross Hayden, DDS, and Julie Hayden in August, 2006. The vision for this humanitarian service came from observing practical demonstrations of oral health care for Third World populations lacking adequate access while the youthful Hayden traveled with his dentist father and family in various emerging nations outside the USA. The impact of one on one “caring hands” made a lasting positive impression on young Hayden.

In 1994 Hayden and his brother, Dr. Matthew J. Hayden, further developed their desires to help the less fortunate by forming a Group to serve low income Oregonians. At its peak, the company had some twenty offices and a mobile dental van statewide in Oregon providing needed services to over sixty thousand (60,000) low income individuals and their families, including residents of Chiloquin, Oregon.

In 2009 the Hayden brothers merged their company with a larger company having a similar mission, and determined to use much of their resulting time and assets to focus on the charitable outreach of Caring Hands Worldwide. The target groups Caring Hands Worldwide hope to reach include the uninsured and low income needy.

Caring Hands Worldwide has demonstrated an enviable history of giving. In 2007 Caring Hands Worldwide hand delivered needed dental supplies to a remote dental clinic in northern Nepal. In 2008 Caring Hands Worldwide provided free dental care to twenty low income children in John Day, Oregon. In 2009 and 2010 Caring Hands Worldwide provided scholarships to children to attend summer camp at Big Lake Youth Camp in Sisters, Oregon. Also, in 2010 Director Matthew J. Hayden made an extensive tour of South Africa to develop clinic locations for free oral health care to underserved people in that nation. Individual Directors of Caring Hands Worldwide have personally provided significant time, assets, and resources to various needs in addition to those done by Caring Hands Worldwide.

In 2011, Caring Hands Worldwide provided $50,000 in donated dental services to the people of Oregon and started the first WELTRAC clinic which is a dental clinic built in a shipping container.  The first WELTRAC clinic will be sent to Micronesia by December 2012 with delivery of services planned to start in January 2013.

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In 2007, Caring Hands Worldwide gathered, transported, and donated dental supplies and small dental tools worth a total of $5,000 to a remote clinic in Nam Che Bazaar, a poor region of northern Nepal. The clinic was inspected by Dr. Cedric Hayden, a Caring Hands Worldwide volunteer and board member, as an appropriate recipient of the supplies to be used to help low income residents of the area.

In 2008 and closer to home, Caring Hands Worldwide rented a mobile clinic in John Day, Oregon, and arranged for Dr. Cedric Ross Hayden to provide free dental care to 20 low income kids. The group worked with public school officials and social services case workers to identify children and youth who needed dental care but whose families could not afford it. These families were not enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan or in any other program that would provide financial assistance for the children’s dental work.

 At Christmas time that same year, Caring Hands Worldwide gave out small stuffed animals to kids in Oregon involved in various social service programs for low income families and children. To get across the message of dental health in a gentle and kid-friendly manner, the stuffies came with tags saying “I love teeth.”

In the wake of the declining economy in 2009, Caring Hands Worldwide made donations to the Big Lake Youth Camp to allow economically disadvantaged youth to participate in the camp’s summer activities.

In 2010, Caring Hands Worldwide was again making it possible for 20 disadvantaged youth in the Lane County area to attend Big Lake Youth Camp this summer.

Our Mission:

Faith based organization dedicated to improving the dental health of those in need while partnering with them to strengthen communities throughout Oregon.

   Our Values:

 Working to better the lives throughout the communities of Oregon

 Better access to dental care in rural communities

 Break barriers to dental care due to lack of insurance

 Provide quality services regardless of the patient’s inability to pay

Please help us ensure that people who live in our communities who cannot afford private dental insurance receive the dental care they desperately need.  Children are the most at-risk population we serve, with over 30% showing signs of early decay.  Without intervention, they will suffer a lifetime of dental problems.

Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated and will allow us to provide dental services to those who need it most.

Administrative costs will be paid by donations made by the board of directors and officers, so that 100% of the funds you contribute can be used directly for our charitable programs.

Contributions to Caring Hands Worldwide are tax-deductible.

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Applying for Charitable Services:

To apply for our charitable services, please download the Initial Application form and return it to us in one of the following ways:

– Fax to: 541-937-4206

– Email to: randy@caringhandsworldwide.org


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