Chuuk Micronesia Dental Volunteer Opportunity

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 About Chuuk

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Chuuk is an amazing place in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. With a population of roughly 50,000 people, Chuuk is best known for its historical place in history. During World War II, Chuuk (also known as Truk) was the harbor for hundreds of Japanese war ships, submarines and Zero fighter planes. In retaliation for Pearl Harbor, the Americans bombed most of the vessels in the lagoon and sunk them where they rest to this day. Chuuk is now known as one of the most renowned diving spots in the world. Located just an hour and a half southeast of Guam and four hours northeast of Australia, it is truly an island in the middle of the ocean.



How You Fit In

We need dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants to volunteer their time to come to Chuuk to help the Chuukese people with their dental needs. We need a dentist always on location to perform routine procedures and, when possible, a hygienist or dental assistant to provide support. We have created a schedule with two week increments (you can stay longer if you want) and are looking to fill up the year with volunteers to deliver dental services five days a week.


What Is The Cost?

We are asking you to think about this as a service to humanity by volunteering your time for two weeks and paying your own expenses. But the experience is unforgettable and we promise you won’t be quite the same person when you return home.

You can anticipate spending roughly $2,000 for a two-way plane ticket. We have built a bunk house that is available to you for free located at the dental facility, or you may choose to stay in one of the two hotels on the island.

The only other costs are the expenses you incur on your own.

Our Hosts

We have two hosts assigned to be in Chuuk to facilitate your arrival and departure. They will run errands, bring you up to speed on island details and generally be available to make your stay as hospitable as possible.

Important Facts

  • It takes 24 hours of flight time from the West Coast of the U.S. to get to Chuuk.
  • Chuuk is on the other side of the International Date so you lose 22 hours when travelling west.
  • It is hot in Chuuk, averaging 90 degrees and 90% humidity and it cools to about 80 at night.
  • Chuuk is a Majority World country. While diving is world class, there are no nightclubs or fancy nightlife.
  • Chuuk is an hour and a half west of the Marshall Islands by plane, a great place to see and visit.
  • The people of Chuuk are incredibly friendly—you will love their spirit.
  • You will need to have your passport and immunizations prior to departure—talk to your physician about which immunizations you will need.
  • Hospital and medical facilities are primitive, so if you have ongoing health problems this may not be the best journey for you to take.